Most frequently asked questions for So Many Euros

This page lists the most frequently asked questions and tries to answer them. If you do not find an answer here, please use the contact form to ask your question.
Please note that this section is for the new program version 5. For FAQs regarding the old version SME 4, please visit the FAQ page on the old website.

How does the order process work? Which payment methods are available?

The full version of So Many Euros can be purchased here. Your order will be processed by the service provider Elopage/namotto Universal Brands GmbH & Co KG. Elopage/namotto Universal Brands GmbH & Co KG offers various payment options (bank transfer, PayPal, credit cards etc.). After your payment you will receive a password by email. With the help of this password you can use the built-in registration function in So Many Euros to upgrade your test installation to the full version.

If you place your order from Germany or from outside the EU, it will be processed directly by this website. In this case your payment options are bank transfer, PayPal or cash.

Where should I place the installation folder?

To avoid problems with the Windows virtualisation function (VirtualStore), please DO NOT install the program in the "Program Files" (or "Program Files (x86)") folder. Otherwise some functionalities (updates, automatic save/load, help function) will not work properly.

If you cannot avoid installing in the "Program Files" folder, please make sure to always start the program by double-clicking on "sme_as_admin.exe" to ensure all functionalities work as expected. In this case do not use the start menu entries or change these entries, so that they start "sme_as_admin.exe".

Why are some coins, years or variants missing in the program?

The program is updated regularly and also new coins are added. Depending on the official release of the coins, the updates may be published some time after the coin is available. If you are missing certain coins, please check if you are using the latest program version (currently: 5.08.04) and update the software, if necessary.

It is also possible that coins are not displayed due to configuration settings (of which you may be unaware), e.g. the "hide coins which were not issued for circulation" option. In case of doubt, please click on the "Display all coins" button in the "Coin Settings" dialog. This will remove all restrictions.

Are the mintage numbers correct and was a certain coin really not issued for circulation?

Unfortunately there is a lack of reliable official mintage numbers. Even the question, if a coin was issued for circulation, can sometimes not be answered in a sufficient way. Sometimes remainders of collector sets are repackaged in rolls and given into circulation.

If you believe a number is wrong or not up-to-date, please send a message via the contact form. If possible, please add a source. This information will be checked and the numbers will be corrected, if necessary.

How do I backup my collection data?

This is much easier in So Many Euros 5 compared to previous program versions. Just choose "Save As" from the "Collection" menu and save your collection with a different file name. Then open the original collection again by choosing "Collection->Open". It is recommend to copy the created backup file to an external storage (other computer, USB stick etc.).

Why do I get the error message "Check for Updates Failed. Could not establish communication..."?

In some situations this error message may be displayed due to server side changes, if your current program version is older than 5.04.00. In this case, please update the program manually. To do this, please download the latest full installation package (download page), unzip the package and install it in exactly the same folder as your current installation. During the next program start you will (once) need to register again using your email address and password. After this the built-in (automatic) update function will work again for future updates.